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Walkin Backrub

Services Provided: SEO, Website Development, Consultancy

Chain of Massage Therapy Shops in London, UK. They offer walk-in back massages to customers and also offer  in-office massages to corporate teams.

The Problem

Walk-in Backrub faced several challenges:

  • They wanted to attract more walk-in customers through increased organic traffic and improved GMB maps ranking traffic.
  • They aimed to boost their office bookings using SEO and other digital marketing methods.
  • They needed to upgrade their outdated website to the latest WordPress CMS, utilizing the latest WP block editor instead of the old theme builder.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we implemented the following strategies:

  • Website Rebuild: We rebuilt the entire website using WordPress, ensuring compatibility with the latest WP block editor. This modernized the site’s structure and made it more user-friendly and easier to manage.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization: We optimized all on-page content and website SEO to align with the target keywords. This included creating mini SEO silo structures and interlinking pages around the primary keywords.
  • Internal Linking: We updated the internal linking structure throughout the website to enhance internal optimization for Google rankings.
  • META Tags Update: We revised all META tags sitewide, adhering to best SEO principles and focusing on target keywords.
  • Content Creation: We created new content pages to better target keywords related to office massage and back massage services. This expanded the website’s reach and relevance.
  • SEO Consultation: We provided ongoing consultation and advice to the client on how to maintain and improve SEO when adding new content or blog posts.

Tools and Approaches: We utilized advanced SEO tools such as Spyfu, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, GSC, and other rank tracking tools. Our approach was centered on creating silo content structures and interlinking them based on semantically optimized and related content.

Project Info

ClientWalkin Backrub, UK
Project Duration6 months

Walk-in Backrub is a chain of massage therapy shops located in London, UK. They offer quick and convenient walk-in back massages, known as backrubs, as well as corporate backrub massages for office environments. Their services are popular, providing 15 to 30-minute sessions. They also offer skill training for those interested in learning massage techniques. Their locations include Neal’s Yard, Selfridges, Piccadilly Circus, Soho, Charlotte Place, and Tavistock Street.

SEO Services - Google Organic & Maps (GMB)

Advanced SEO services including creating mini topical structures (content silos) around client primary keywords., pptimizing website content and site wide Meta tags, and ensuring proper interlinking of pages and anchor links used site wide.

Website Development (Wordpress)

Upgraded entire site to latest Wordpress CMS using native WP block editor and builder, and ensuring smooth transition and flawless Woocommerce upgrade. 

Digital Marketing Consulting

Consultancy calls to discuss new alternate methods for marketing to corporates including cold email marketing,  also advised on other technical Wordpress issues, and SEO consulting and use of appropriate plugins.