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The Law Office of RJ Mintz

Services Provided: SEO, Website Development & Maintenance

Asset Protection Lawyer, USA

The Problem

RJ Mintz faced several key challenges:

  • Outdated Website: Their existing website was outdated, lacked a modern design, and was not user-friendly.
  • Slow Hosting: The website’s hosting solution was slow, affecting the overall user experience and performance.
  • SEO Needs: They required assistance with national SEO to increase their visibility and attract potential clients across the USA.

Our Solution

To address RJ Mintz’s challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy that included:

Website Redesign and Hosting Solution

  • Modern Design: We developed a new, modern website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and mobile-responsive.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The new design focused on improving the user experience with better layout, clear calls to action, and easy access to key information.
  • Fast Hosting: We migrated their website to a faster hosting solution, significantly improving load times and overall performance.

National SEO Strategy

  • Keyword Research: Conducted extensive keyword research to identify relevant search terms that potential clients might use.
  • On-Page SEO: Optimized website content, meta tags, headers, and images to improve search engine rankings.
  • Content Strategy: Developed high-quality, informative content focused on asset protection strategies and legal insights.
  • Link Building: Implemented a strategic link-building campaign to increase the website’s authority and visibility.

RJ Mintz now enjoys a strong online presence, attracting and engaging potential clients across the USA, thanks to their new website and effective SEO strategy.

Project Info

ClientRJ Mintz, USA
Project Duration3 months

RJ Mintz is a specialized law firm offering a detailed discussion on a range of asset protection strategies to shield and insulate clients’ wealth from personal and business liability risks. Their clients include physicians, corporate officers, business and real estate owners who aim to protect their accumulated assets through carefully tailored legal plans.

SEO Services - Google Organic & Maps (GMB)

Advanced SEO services including creating mini topical structures (content silos) around client primary keywords., pptimizing website content and site wide Meta tags, and ensuring proper interlinking of pages and anchor links used site wide.

Website Development (Wordpress)

Upgraded entire site to latest Wordpress CMS using native WP block editor and builder, and ensuring smooth transition and flawless Woocommerce upgrade.