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We specialize in helping talented PDR experts get found on Google Search & Google Maps.

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SEO Experts for PDR Shops

We have engaged in SEO for the PDR Industry for over 5 years and have been active in SEO for over 20 years. Our experience and specialization in ranking local PDR websites in Google make us a great choice.

Get Qualified Leads

We drive traffic to your website when people in your area are in need of paintless dent repair services and search on Google. Every visitor who submits a lead generation form is pre-qualified with the search intent.

Guaranteed Results

When you work with us, you can be assured of getting increased rankings and a fresh flow of leads on an ongoing basis. We can guarantee our results as we actively engage in high performance SEO services in the PDR niche.

Get More PDR Leads with the InspireMe Labs SEO for Paintless Dent Repair Service

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    High Performance SEO for PDR Experts

    With over 20 years of specializing in providing SEO serviceswe have worked with the leading PDR shops and experts in the industry.

    Our combined expertise in SEO applied to the legal niche has positioned us as the “goto” SEO experts for PDR service providers.

    We can help you build a constant flow of new leads so you can get new clients on an ongoing basisand on autopilot!

    Book your free strategy session today, and we will walk you through what it takes to generate a steady stream of new clients for your PDR business.


    We Put You In Front of PDR Prospects

    We know the hours of dedication and perseverance it takes to get where you are. Now all you need is more work to show off your skills.

    Our SEO will help prospect clients who are looking for PDR services in your location – find you when they search on Google.

    Every PDR service provider within the PDR industry is unique and has something to offer. And, every PDR services website requires a custom SEO strategy – based on doing a thorough SEO Audit and Analysis for their location and services.

    There is no “one-size-fits-all” SEO strategy that works.

    We build your SEO strategy around careful analysis and study of data, using the top professional SEO tools in the market. 

    At its very core, we do an extensive audit of the SERPs and see what the top ranking PDR shops and service providers in your location are doing, and how you match up against them.

    Our SEO strategy is then built on this solid and comprehensive SEO audit.


    Your Backlinks on Leading PDR & Auto Repair Websites

    We have access to private networks of PDR, automobile repair and other related niche websites in the industry.  This allows us to quickly forge guest posting deals – cost effectively and at scale. 

    Couple that with our powerful and safe-hat SEO methods, and you have massive ranking gains in Google Maps and Google Organic Search – very quickly.

    • Our SEO methods for the legal industry has helped clients achieve top rankings in Google Maps as well as Organic Search listings.
    • We have a battle tested SEO strategy for the law niche and has proven to work time and again!
    • We have direct arrangements with the a few leading law sites globally
    • We have direct deals with some of the top backlink brokers online, also in the law niche
    • Our in-house team of SEO specialists know exactly what tactics and strategies to apply to rank websites providing legal services.

    We make sure everything we do is safe and natural looking in the eyes of… the all not-so-mighty Google.


    Find Out Why We Are Your Choice

    The truth is there are thousands of so called “SEO gurus” out there. And, you have probably been bitten by a couple, if not more.

    And… we are not here to tell you how great we are, and what not. 

    All we’re saying is that… we know what it takes to rank websites in the PDR industry and can help you get the results you seek.

    So, put aside 30 minutes of your time and talk to us, and we guarantee that you will receive insights about your law firm’s online presence vs your competitors – that will be worth 10x your time.

    And, we promise not to bite.

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    Book Your Free SEO Audit
    & Strategy Session

    If you want to get a deep dive into the strategies that the top ranking PDR shops and service providers  in your locations are using – talk to us!

    We’ll run our professional SEO tools and do an advanced SEO Audit for you… at no cost!  We will then analyze the audit report, over a free half-hour strategy session with you. There’s absolutely no obligation required by you, other than putting aside 30 minutes of your time for the strategy review call. Sound good?

    Tested Methods. Proven Results.


    Client Portfolio

    Here’s a quick list of some of the businesses and websites we’ve achieved astounding results for. Want to see more? Drop us a note and we’ll send you our extensive list of client projects.

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