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EDUmobile is a programming blog run by our CEO, Vishal. The blog was setup back in 2008 and was the initial project through which Vishal learned a ton of his SEO and Digital Marketing tactics and methods – through hands on experience.

The site continues to rank and bring in fresh stream of customers to this day with minimal effort.
Project Date2008

Ongoing Free Traffic Benefits

EDUmobile is a programming blog that has been live for the past 10 years. The site has been ranking for several keywords and bringing in a ton of organic traffic and new sign-ups on a regular basis. The site has never been hit by a Google update and continues to rank well through white hat SEO.

Impressive Results has built a large community over the years and continues to draw in new programming on a day to day basis.

Solid Whitehat SEO

40,000+ Member Community

10,000% ROI