How To Do An On-Page Technical SEO Audit

A comprehensive 55 page, step-by-step guide to doing pro-level SEO audits for higher search engine rankings.
  • asteriskCore Site Elements Audit: Every SEO audit starts by checking basic core site elements that needs to be in place. These include checking Domain Age, Canonicals, Robots and .htaccess file, Sitemap, Basic Penalty Check and more.
  • asteriskUsability And Structural Audit: Websites need to be user friendly, so your dwell times are high and bounce rates are low. This sends signals to the RankBrain part of the algorithm re-enfocing that users are indeed getting value.
  • asteriskContent Audit: Content needs to be structured properly and have all its technical elements in place properly to help in SEO. Not only does your content have to provide high value, but it has to be well structured, interlinked and marked up.

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Dr. Marika Zoll

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Brad Slavin

CEO, DuoCircle LLC

“Consistent results by the InspireMe Labs team continues to amaze me. Vishal is very clued into the fast evolving digital marketing industry – including SEO and PPC. He is easily accessible and amazes me with his innovative strategies and tactics to get our business more customers. Kudos to Vishal and his team… 5 stars!”

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