SoundCloud BackLinks – Getting SEO Juice From Audio Tracks

Backlinks embedded within description area of SoundCloud audio tracks – have the ability to power up your rankings and pass down link juice to your pages.

This method has been proven and tested to help with SEO from some of the mastermind SEO groups.

I even wrote a post about getting an authority backlink from that you may want to check out.

However, as with any link building tactic you need to do it right. 

They key here is optimizing the audio track correctly and getting the right number of shares.

Here’s how, its done…

Step 1 – Register A New Account

Register a new SoundCloud account on and verify your email to start uploading tracks.

Step 2 – Edit and Optimize Your Profile Page

Edit your profile page and optimize it as per your niche / keywords. Make sure to add links to your website with appropriate anchors.

Note: we are not aiming to pass link juice down from this profile page.

In the next step, we will create an audio track (with a backlink to our website) and get that audio track powered up with shares.

Step 3 – Create, Upload and Publish An Audio Clip

Next, create a new sound clip by posting an audio clip related to your website. This could be about a product or an Text-To-Speech render of a blog post using one of many free text readers out there, or you could simply do the talking yourself.

You don’t really need to make it of high quality – although I would recommend this if you need to be careful about your/your client’s brand.

Step 4 – Edit and Optimize The Data In Your Audio Clip

Update the description to contain your URL and optimize the other meta tags etc of the sound track with proper optimization.

The key element here is to make sure you include a link in the description area that points to your website.

Make sure you add all the tags etc. as per your keywords.

Note: Although the link is a no-follow link – it will pass juice down… when it gets shares!

Step 5 – Order a SoundCloud Gig To Get A Few Shares

Head over to Fiverr and order a gig for SoundCloud shares or visit JustAnotherPanel to place your order.

*important* Make sure to pass specific instructions that they don’t go overboard in the quantities. Its important that you don’t get more than around 25 shares. Don’t get too many comments, views and likes also! 

Your aim is to get around 25 shares (re-posts as shown in the above example – number 17) and perhaps a few likes, plays and comments.

This is more than enough… any more than that, and it risks your account on Soundcloud from being shut down.

You should always keep this in mind when powering up any Social Profile. Beyond a certain point the numbers don’t help in passing more juice and you just risk your account from being deleted.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I’m new to SEO and all that, may I know what are the SEO tools you use for your campaigns? I’m keen on investing in good software.



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