How To Get A Free (& Legit) Do-Follow Backlink from

Here’s step by step instructions on how to get a do-follow contextual profile link from 

This is not a blog post backlink. It is a backlink within a profile you create on has a DA of 93 which is pretty solid and getting a backlink will pass some amount of juice down to your site. If your site is in the tech niche then the backlink passes some amount of “relevance” as well.

Here’s how its done, step by step…


Step 1

First, visit –

Step 2

You need to click on the “Sign In / Join” Button. This page may take a while to load, so please wait.


Next, click on “Create an IBM id” – which will basically create a new IBM user ID for you.

Step 3

Fill up the required information as above. 

Please make sure to use your own personal information (or create an alias / pseudonym).


Step 4

After signing up you will see this pop-up…

Go ahead and click on “Proceed”


Step 5

A verification email will be sent to the email you entered on the step above…

Enter the 7-digit code that was sent to you in the mail and click on “Verify”.

You will need to read the terms of service and click on “I Agree” on the next page (Pretty standard stuff. you wont get into any legal trouble, at most your account will be shut down if you abuse it – but that’s not what we are doing here. We’re playing it safe).

Step 6

After agreeing to their terms of use, you will see a page as below…

Proceed by Clicking on the “Complete Profile” button.


Step 7

Click on “Add” under the Bio section…

Step 8

And, you will get a Pop-up window as under…

This is the key page where you will need to write a 500 to 700 word content article as per your SEO needs. You can target your primary keyword for the main content and use any link and anchor link as required!


This is the content of the published page that you will see after you click on “save” to save your bio…

Step 9

As an added bonus you can power up the link juice from this page to your target link by taking part in the online community, or create Tier 2 links to this URL.

Make sure your post URL gets indexed by Google. I have seen some profile pages getting indexed and some not. I am not sure why this is happening, but you can increase your chances of your post getting indexed by pushing through some indexing tools like BacklinksIndexer or tweeting the URL or using a great desktop tool like Gindexer (I highly recommend you get this if you have the budget. The tool is fantastic and the developer responds to help and issues very quickly).

You can even use this link to power up your private blog network sites! 

If you’re new to the world of PBN for SEO, make sure to check out the 85+ page guide and free downloadable guide ebook on how to build a pbn – which is basically the ultimate guide to dominating the search engines 🙂

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    • No it will not. It will just add variety. Also, you can try to use lateral thinking to somehow connect technology with your niche / topic and then write a postabouthow technology is applied / used in your niche and then create the link. However, this is not a requirement.

    • you will need to search for your page title in Google (do so in quotes) – this can be done only if your site is indexed. Userkey should be there when you published it. check browser history i guess.

  1. A very nice article with great information. thanx for sharing such knowledge.
    I have a question, some websites offer backlink generator tools. Are these backlinks safe? and are these kinds of websites safe?

  2. Thank you a lot for the great tips. Apreciated!Any idea if the backlinks from sites such as Yelp and Websst are do-follow and is there a way how to double check this?
    Best regards: George W.

    • there is a no-dofollow plugin for chrome / Firefox that you can use to check links on a page. they highlight in red the no-follows


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