How To Test The Power of a Backlink (from a PBN Site)

Here’s a quick trick to check the power of a backlink from a PBN site OR any Page you control ( before you actually create the backlink to your target site).

If you’re building Private Blog Networks regularly (from expired domains or auction domains etc) – you’re not always sure of the levels of link juice power that the PBN has. If you’re not familiar yet with what a PBN is checkout this post on how to build a private blog network.

It’s quite possible that the expired domain is in some sort of sandbox and actually turns out to be dud. You should follow the steps in my guide on how to find expired domains so you find the gems hidden in the sea of low quality expired domains.

Maybe you’ve already built the backlink (or are planning to) – and you want to check if it was worth any ranking power?

There is no way of telling, how powerful the backlink will be or is for a backlink already built.

Or, wait… maybe there is!

Here’s how…


Step 1 – Create A Backlink

Create a link on the PBN site to a page on another site that is ranking for a keyword currently on page 2 or 3 – with zero backlinks to it.


Step 2 – Monitor Rankings

Monitor this target page’s rankings for the keyword for 3 weeks and check to see if it moves ranks – and how much.


Step 3 – Act on Result

If it doesn’t move up in rankings then you know the PBN site was a dud.

You should proceed to remove any backlinks to your site from it AND remove the backlink you dropped to the test site! It’s only fair to do so.

So please don’t be lazy about removing that backlink to the random text site!

Hope you enjoyed this quick little tip for PBN builders 🙂

In fact, this technique can be used to test the power of the link juice from any page that you control, and not just a site on your PBN network. The key is that the page should have some relevant content to the site you link out to so it passes link juice that has ranking relevancy for related keywords.

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  1. Thanks for this great article. Do you have any suggested tool/software to insert keywords on PBN websites ? Doing one by one takes very long time… specially if you have several money websites to work on =)


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