Brace Thyself! The Army of Penguins is Here

Google expects us to abandon other business growth opportunities and try to spend time to figure out what needs to be fixed in our backlink profiles every time they change things around.

We’re expected to troll the forums and decipher their “changing SEO puzzle” and find out what really is happening with each update they throw at is. We need to reverse engineer our sites and rankings in an effort to get back – with no assurance that things work in our favor.

All the problems we have to deal with and face are not just limited to Penguin. Currently we have to deal with a whole bunch of new on-site and off-site variables and rules they have thrown at us – and that too these are not clear and defined. The SEO community has deciphered most of these and they are assumed to become the new set of SEO rules.

Google sets down the rules for GOOD SEO… and then they break them at will!

Even Hitler’s angry with this Penguin update…

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From what I can see, it is quite obvious (and I will provide sufficient proof of this in the coming weeks) – that at the very core, some of these updates are really not put out in the best interest of the users of Google – but rather are put there to increase shareholder value.

This is evident  by observing the SERPs for many keywords and noticing hundreds of junk sites showing up at the top. Also, since Google introduced the first Penguin update – its Adwords revenue went up by 50%.

And, that equates to about a billion dollars every year. Not bad at all for shareholders, I’d say.

I’ve lost my trust and belief in Google since Penguin 1.0 rolled out last year.

What was Google’s motto again?

Did I hear “do no evil”?

When Google’s Penguin update rolled out, I immediately jumped into all the popular SEO and IM forums. I did countless digging around and ready threads where I saw real people with real businesses were affected and lose their lively-hood overnight.

There seems to be no method to the madness of the Penguin updates. Google has introduced a very high level of randomization across different niches – and it has set up its algorithm to treat keyword search results differently across different niches. Every campaign, keyword, site, page and niche is its own animal. They have done this so, even if you reverse engineer one niche – the same formula wont work in another.

Has anyone recovered? Or is it still early days?

Since Penguin 1.0 rolled out it has been surveyed that only about 10% of sites that have tried to recover, have done so successfully.

I want to make sure that you’re amongst this group when we start our recovery analysis and process. I’ll posts stuff here that will help you maximize your chances for recovery.

This blog will explore all the strategies and tactics to regain your lost rankings… no matter which niche you are in. I will outline a systematic process along with the tools you will need to use to help you maximize your chances of recovery. We will examine real world case studies… of success and failures, and learn from them.

For sites that are already enjoying top rankings – I will touch upon what you need to do to ensure that you are not penalized. For sites attempting to get on top – I will talk about the strategies that are still working.

As we go along, I encourage regular interaction from you. Please share your specific Google penalty experience (even if you wish to keep your site anonymous) – so we can all gain more and more intelligence to help one another.

I have already written an ebook of over 150 pages since Google rolled out its Penguin update. I will be releasing this in the coming weeks as soon as I am done polishing it up and adding notes on the latest Penguin 2.0 update. Please subscribe via the form on the site, so you get notified when it is released.


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