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I am Vishal Lamba, and I am a tech addict. I can't get enough of it. I read about it, blog about it, talk about it, and yes, even dream about it constantly. I'm always learning and love to help people learn. Say hi!

May 02

Google Maps & Local SEO Ranking Factors – Checklist

By Vishal Lamba | SEO

Getting found on the top spots of Google Maps listings is not only becoming more competitive, but with the new ranking update called “Possum” Google filtered out massive amounts of businesses from the maps listing. With the new update, countless businesses that used to rank in their niches in and around their location –  suddenly […]

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Apr 11

How Zuckerberg is misusing the promise of Artificial Intelligence – by saying it can save Facebook

By Vishal Lamba | Technology

Watching Zuckerberg testify and thinking… the real issue lies in “the process with which content gets pushed onto the platform“.    This along with all its associated elements that go into the process of publishing content – is the key issues here.   Is Zuckerberg simply buying time by saying that the Artificial Intelligence needs […]

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