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Scholarships Method .EDU Backlinks

This service is based around the legit EDU Scholarship Method, that we have also revealed step by step in a blog post and ebook. For those who are super-busy and don’t have the time and resources to carry this out, we’re offering a complete hands-free Done-For-You service.

If you’re interested in knowing exactly how we carry out this service, you’re in luck. Here’s the link to our blog where you can read up the exact steps we follow 👉EDU Scholarship Method

.EDU Scholarship Service - Explained Step by Step

If you want a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process, please read our blog post – Scholarship Links Method

Step 1Plan Your Scholarship 

We will work with you to plan and setup a page on your main site (or your clients site) that announces and offers a (monetary) scholarship for students. This page has many elements that need to be included as outlined in Step 2 below.

An acceptable amount for the scholarship is generally between $500 to $1000.

Higher scholarship amounts lead to more positive responses from the universities (backlinks in this case) – than, if you were to budget a lower figure. We have found $1000 scholarship to work very well, but the $500 to $750 range – also works fine.

Please note that…
  • These links are 100% genuine and are known to be very powerful.
  • These are not the typical non-indexed edu forum or profile links that you get cheaply.
  • These links carry a ton of “SEO link juice” and the pages and backlinks are indexed 100% by Google.

Step 2 – Publish Your Scholaraship Page

We will work with you to design and publish the scholarship page announcing the scholarship.
We will show you other past scholarship pages that we have built with high success rates, that we can use to structure your specific offer. 
We will share a template swipe file, with the outline for the page content structure as below.

⭕ There must be a reason why your are running the scholarship.

⭕ Eligibility of who all can apply. (region and other criteria)

⭕ You should tell them how they can apply (via email or link to the application form)

⭕ Make sure to have a deadline and submission period for the scholarship.

⭕ The date you will announce the winner.

⭕ How you will let people know who won and how you will notify the winner.

⭕ Make sure you remove any advertisement code on this page – if its there – the page must be clean looking with no ads! 


Step 3 Outreach To Universities

Once your scholarship page and offering is up and ready, its time to let the universities know.
We have our database of University scholarship announcement pages and appropriate submission email addresses to send specifics and announcing your scholarship program for inclusion in these pages.
We will do the full email outreach to these universities and handle all the back and forth emails. 
We will need access to one email account on your domain in order for this to work effectively.
The entire process can take up to a month to get executed fully, but we will keep sending you the .EDU backlinks as they get created over the weeks.
Please read this blog post on the exact specifics of the method we will use.

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✅ Content writing is included as part of this service.

✅ Add-On Services to be ordered optionally as listed below.

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We take customer support seriously. We understand that some services or modules may require explaining and hand holding and we are here to help you when you need it.

Support is available by chat, email and through the Client Portal messaging system. We always document our conversations to better serve you.

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We will Setup the entire Scholarships Method and get you 20 .EDU Scholarship Links from USA based Universities to Your Scholarships Page.

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Project Delivery 🕗 8 to 12 weeks from submitting order details form.

Please note that the Backlinks will be delivered starting 3rd week in a drip feed manner, so as to avoid any penalties.