Page Speed Optimization Booster

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Boost your SEO Rankings… by boosting your site speed! 

Boost Your Google Page Speed Metrics to 80% – 100% 

We will boost your site speed and fix all the Core Web Vitals issues – as reported by Google Page Speed Insights Tool. Our experienced WordPress optimizers are amongst the best in the world.

We guarantee to achieve a minimum of 80% metric as tested by the Google Page Speed Insights tool on either Mobile or Desktop. There is no better tool to measure your site speed that will directly impact your SEO performance and rankings, than Google’s very own tool. A faster website results in more traffic, leads and sales.

We  have learned the secrets and techniques of building and optimizing high-speed websites from the gurus themselves, none other than the folks recommended by Autoptimize. This is the world’s number #1 WP plugin for improving page speed (and, which is also free).

The Only Guaranteed Page Speed Booster Service

Our Page Speed Optimization Service  is the definitive speed optimization SEO Service that you’ve been looking for! 

We’re talking guaranteed speeds of 80% to 100%! 🚀 🚀 🚀

And not just for your homepage.

We will boost your page speed across your entire website.

Faster site speeds… are also better for SEO that results in better Google Rankings (more organic traffic for you)

Google loves ❤️and rewards 🎁 faster sites with better rankings!

Not only that, it is a well known fact that slow sites cost businesses millions of dollars in lost sales every year duo to poor customer experience.

Here’s What You Get with with our Page Speed Booster Service

We help you get an instant advantage over your competitors by optimizing your wordpress website for faster page loading.

We use secret techniques taught by the industry leaders and gurus of page speed optimization.

Our system and technique has been derived and learned from gurus and top consultants in the WordPress page speed industry. Experts recommended by the folks behind Autoptimize – the most popular WP plugin for speed optimization. 

👌 We guarantee you 80% to 100% page speed results!

If we don’t achieve these results for you – you don’t pay! Its that simple… we’ll refund you 100% of your payment.

* The page speed metrics will be measured by the Google Page Speed Insights Tool, and is guaranteed for any one – either mobile or desktop. Usually, the boost will be sufficient for both versions, but in some cases either one mobile or desktop may be lesser in speed by 5% to 10% than the faster version.

Some of the Geeky Stuff We Play With

This is for the geeks who want to know what all we play around with  😎 You know who you are… Here’s Some of the Things We Tweak (not all are listed)
  • Image Cache
  • Page Chache 
  • Server Cache
  • CDN Cache
  • Javascript Minification
  • CSS Minification
  • Javascript Optimization
  • CSS Optimization
  • TTFB
  • First Content Paintful
  • Async JS
  • Pre-loading
  • Pre-conecting
  • Image Lazy Loading
  • WebP Image Conversion
  • Text Compression
  • Speed Slippage
  • Pagewise Plugin Execution
  • Asset Cleanup
  • Render Blocking CSS
  • Remove Unused JavaScript
  • Optimize GIFs for Speed
  • Load Testing

If you’re interested in knowing more about page speed and how it can impact your business – read this article to see how sites like Amazon are saving millions, by making small and simple speed optimization tweaks, or this article on how ever a 1 second delay can be costing you 20% loss of business. And, if you still want more read this amazing post on page speed experiments from Pinterest engineers. 

What We Will Need From You

Once you pay for place your order – we will need access to a staging server (test server that you have that is an exact replica of your live site).

If you don’t have that, we will setup a test staging server for you.

We will never make changes to a live site, unless fully approved by you!

Thats all there is to it really!

It’s our secret sauce of custom configurations of some amazing wp plugins, and the way we set them up to work with one another – that results in the true magic!

We can’t share how we do what we  do! So don’t ask us 🙂 However, once you place the order and we deliver the work – you’re free to look under the hood on your website and examine the setup we have used – if it interests you!

Raving Reviews

Client Dashboard

Each project / service you order from us has its own Service Details page in the Client Dashboard area. 

With every order you get…

✅ Access to Your own Client Portal for communication and services delivery.

✅ White Label reports are provided at no extra fee.

✅ Content writing is included as part of this service.

✅ Add-On Services to be ordered optionally as listed below.

Heroic Customer Support

We take customer support seriously. We understand that some services or modules may require explaining and hand holding and we are here to help you when you need it.

Support is available by chat, email and through the Client Portal messaging system. We always document our conversations to better serve you.

Ready to Jump in?

Customize Your Page Speed Optimization👇 Pack

Base Pack is for regular WP websites

Have more than 100 pages and/or 5 content types? 👉🏽

Have complex site with plugins like Woocommerce? 👉🏽

Both Mobile and Desktop version optimizations, are included and delivered for all orders. 

Please note that we don’t test and optimize each unique URL. 

We categorize your site into content clusters and optimize each cluster type. This is  discussed with you in the initial project kick-off phase.

The Base Pack includes 5 content clusters at the most. The Base Pack includes all the optimizations listed  below. 

Base Pack Version…

Up to 100 pages and a Maximum of 5 content clusters

  • Optimize Homepage
  • Optimize Blog section
  • Optimize Inner Money Pages 
  • Regular Inner Pages
  • Contact Us / Feedback Page

For sites with more than 100 pages or content clusters, please choose the add-on options based on how many additional pages / page types you have. 

For advanced sites based on plugins like Woocommerce, EDD, Booking Scripts, or any such higher end interactive plugin driven – please order the Advanced version add-on. 

If you are  not sure –  feel free to drop us an email!

Project Delivery 🕗 1 week from submitting order details form.


For sites with more than 100 pages or 5 content clusters (homepage, blog page, money page, form page etc) as described above – please choose an Add-on option below. If you are not sure which option is best for you, please get in touch with us.

For advanced sites based on plugins like Woocommerce, EDD, Booking Scripts, or any such higher end interactive plugin driven.