How To Get Backlink from Wikipedia In Your Niche

A Wikipedia link that sticks is worth a ton of link juice. Specially if it comes from a page in you niche that has high authority.

There’s different ways of going about getting a Wikipedia link – but you need to make sure that the link sticks permanently.

Anyone can go in and edit a page and add a link – only to get it removed quickly by the mods and getting your account banned.

The real value comes from a link that…

  • is in your niche (relevancy),
  • on a popular page on Wikipedia (power) and,
  • that sticks in the long run (permanent link juice and trust)

But, how does one go about doing this?

And more so, will the link stick in the long run?

Is it a legitimate link that will not get deleted by the mods?

I’m going to show you exactly how to get a valid and powerful link from a popular page in your niche on Wikipedia that sticks in the long run AND gives you a ton of link juice.

Note! If you are wondering – this is not the same old methodthat has been floating around for years… in which you basically find dead backlinks on Wikipedia (using a tool like WikiGrabber or Scrapebox or Google searches) and replace them by creating a page that revives the dead resource. 

Top SEO experts have kept this method a secret for a long time. 

Note: I learnt this at a recent webinar from one of the top SEO gurus out there.

This method basically revolves around finding a top celebrity in you niche, then creating an in-depth high-value one page resource on your website, and then waiting for an event to happen that their wikipedia page does not report on / update quickly enough – giving you the chance to go in and edit the celebrities Wikipedia page and reference your site.

Here’s how its done, step by step…

Step 1 – Find A Celebrity in Your Niche

Look for a celebrity in your niche. Someone who is popular and know in your industry. Try and pick a top celebrity – as the more popular he/she is the better this method will work for you. 

Step 2 – Study Their Wikipedia Page

Visit their Wikipedia page. See how comprehensive it is. Look at the section for latest news updates about the celebrity. Try examining to see if the wiki page is updated often and kept up to date with the latest news.

Step 3 – Google Them To Check Their Activity

Google their name and see if they are often in the news. Look at their twitter profile, visit their website, check out their linkedin profile etc. Just look around to see how active they are in terms of “newsworthy content”.

If they are one of those celebrities doing some event or the other, or are often in the news in your industry then they are good pick for this method.

Step 4 – Create A One Page Resource On Your Website

Create a one page post on your website about this celebrity. Write a ton of content neatly laid out like a biography. Include various sections about them – which hav both static and dynamic content make sure to include all rich media elements like photos, videos, any ebooks etc. and you can also embed their twitter feed into the page if you like.

The aim here is to build out a high value one page resource that provides the reader with every thing about the celebrity – just like the Wikipedia page. Keep adding content to it for a couple of weeks. Just make sure this page is frequently updated (for a couple of weeks at least) with the latest events about them.

Step 5 – Wait for Significant News Event (That Does Not Appear On Wikipedia) 

When a significant event takes place, that’s not reported fast enough on their Wikipedia page – you quickly add a section about this event or a note about it on your page. It must be high value and current. Add the content informing readers about this, insert an opinion if appropriate and then and then head over to their Wikipedia page. 

Step 6 – Update The Wiki Page (And Reference Your Resource)

This is when you take action in getting the Wikipedia link. You simply add a note about this event on their Wikipedia page and then reference the page (your page) as the source!

There, we’re done!

You get a super trusted link from a niche page with power and relevance and ton of authority as its on Wikipedia!

Some Things To Keep In Mind

  • You should insert a contextual link to a page on your website from the biography page on your website using the anchor keywords that you want to pass juice down with.
  • While adding the Wikipedia link – you don’t have to tell them its your website!
  • And, preferably use a Wikipedia account that has been active, has some age and has done other edits or participated in some way by helping Wikipedia. This is to stay under the radar on not let mods get alerted or suspect that it may be a doctored link.
  • If you want to add more link juice to your page, you can visit any other open Wiki sites that are general or niche specific.
  • And, if you want even more juice, just visit celebrity threads, forums, or blogs talking about them and drop your backlink. Use my cold email outreach system to setup an email campaign to mail people in the niche.

PRO TIP – Wikipedia has amazing inter-linking done which is what gathers up all the link juice for you for the niche and passes it down to your website. You should make sure to build out a proper silo seo on your website so you can pass the link juice up to the parent page that you want to rank or your money page from this special page that you have created for the Wikipedia backlink. 

Now, go on and take action to get your super powerful Wikipedia link!

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