[Top Ranking Shortcut] Page #1 of Google in 10 Minutes

This SEO method uses the power of the countless pages of Quora.com that are already ranking very well – so we can “piggyback” on them to get top rankings.

You will need a paid plan on SEMrush to perform this powerful SEO trick. However, I just may have a method to get this trick done without SEMrush – but I need to plan it out. Please opt-in to get an alert to access it when I do post it.

TIP – If you don’t have access to SEMrush you can probably find someone on the popular SEO forums of Fiverr to export this list for you.

With that said – here’s how you can rank in the page #1 of Google for your keyword…

Overview of the 10 Minute SEO Ranking Shortcut Method

You are basically going to be looking for all pages in Quora that are ranking on page #1 for Google searches that contain your keyword (your keyword + any other search phrases with it) and that have a significant monthly search volume (more than 100+).

If we can find these pages – then they are prime pickings for dropping a note (Quora answer) with a backlink to our main site.

The SEO Method – Step by Step 

Step 1

Open SEMrush and go to Organic Research, and enter quora.com in the search box and click search. 


Step 2

Click the Positions tab as shown below. This will bring up the entire list of keywords and positions of Quora.com on Google. This shows you all the pages of Quora that are ranking for various keywords (there’s tons of them – but you don’t need to worry about that).


Step 3

From the positions filter choose “Top 10”.

Your choice will reflect in the box as under (and you basically see all the keywords and pages in the Top 10 (Page #1) of Google from site quora.com

Easy so far right?

Step 4

In the volume drop down filter, enter 100 as shown below for the lower limit and leave the upper limit box blank, and click Apply.

This will filter the results to show ALL the keywords that Quora ranks for that has at least 100 monthly volume searches.

Almost there…

Step 5

Input your keyword in the “enter by keyword” search box as shown below and click the Search icon to perform your search filter. This will catch all the keyword phrases that are ranking in top 10, with minimum monthly search volume of 100 and that contain your keyword in them. (in this example wordpress is the keyword I used).

Now all you need to do is visit any of these top ranking pages in Quora.com – and contribute by answering the question being asked and discussed and you have a backlink on a page that ranks #1 in Google for your keyword 🙂

If you want to download the list to work offline, you can simply hit export and grab and excel version of the list of URLs to hand over to your VAs etc.


Here’s an overview single image of all the key steps in this method…

BIG TIP! You can easily extend this method to any other Web 2.0 property that lets you post into a page that is already ranking!

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