Advanced PBN Tips & Tricks [Updated Monthly]

This is the place where I will keep aggregating and adding in Advanced PBN tips from time to time - on a monthly basis mostly. There are some golden nuggets in here that you should definitely look at.

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Put content on your PBN site first and let it "mature" for about 5 weeks before you start posting with links inside.

To manage your PBNs from one dashboard you can use the advanced tools in the market like MainWP wordpress plugin, CMS Commander, RankWyz . These wont leave any footprints - but make sure that you do NOT use Chrome while accessing them or any of your PBN sites. You never know how Google AI tracks your habits.

You can drop links on your PBN sites to your money site in different areas in each PBN - such as footer, contextual area, image link, higher up in page, sticky post, homepage link, widget area, sitewide (use sparingly). Just make sure to mix things up.

You can identify the most powerful pages in each PBN site by looking at inbound links to it AND the traffic on the pages and try and position your links on them as these are your best pages. However, don't go overboard. You could power up another page on the PBN site with an internal link from a powered page and then link out to your money site from it. 

Look for .ORG .NET or .CO.UK sites when you run your scraper. I like the .ORG extension as it usually has sites that are powerful with content, non-commercial and many non-spammed.

Make sure you test the power of your PBN site before you spend time setting it up. A quick way to do this is to resurrect some of its old content (specially on the page with power) and then simply drop a backlink to a site in the niche (non-competition) that is sitting on say the bottom of page 2, and then watch carefully if it moves up ranks. If the site moves in a week or two - then you have a PBN site with power. You can always remove the backlink or replace the page content after this, but NEVER edit the link.

​You can find some amazing link juice from highly relevant local expired domains in your niche. Simply, go to the niche section in and scrape the domains, and then check which of them have expired for booking them as expired domains!

To find relevent domains that are dropped in local biz niche, you can google this…
or even this… “contractors” “construction”
If these sites have local business type links to them, they would still be good since those local sites are relevant to us. You can take this further even more, and do other big cities in California not just San Diego. You could also do roofing domains in other states if you can find some good ones, or you can scrape Yellowpages and a couple other authority directories. There are some good scraping tools out there like Scrapebox to help you speed this up.
To find top sites in your niche (to use as starting seed sites while running expired domain scrapers) you can visit some of these sites that list them by traffic and niches. The sites you find here, can be used as seed sites when you run your expired domain finding tools, that I wrote about previously, in my post on how to find expired domains.
For Alexa you can run scrapebox this with keywords like this… inurl: “1.  android” inurl: “100…200” inurl: “100…200” “lose weight”
inurl: “PageRank = 3.00”
inurl: “$3000…$10000”
You may want to read this about Alexa.

Make sure you drop Out-Bound-Links (OBLs) to authority sites and pages in your niche. One trick I often use to find authority OBLs is to simply Google top news sites + keyword or niche. So for example I could Google "CNN + bitcoin" if I were writing an article related to bitcoin. *health* *health* *health* *health* *health* *health* *health* *health* *health* *health* *health* *health* *health* *health* *health*

To find more similar sites you can scrape for similar sites using and scrape for seed lists from there.

Getting a good seed list for scraping and finding Expired Domains is the KEY to your PBN because that is the very foundation of finding relevant domains in your niche with power.

Its important that you get real traffic to your PBNs and real click throughs from them flowing to your money sites - if you want maximum power derived from the PBNs. Google is measuring traffic and clicks on links. I'm in no way saying this is essential - all I am saying is that if you have too many PBNs and none of them have any real traffic and clicks to your site via the links - then the power of the links to move rankings will be greatly diminished​.

Google the majestic 1 million, then pull out 5-10 sites from the middle of it with good metrics. Then check out their top 100 links (the ones giving them power). THEN throw those sites into the domain scraper! 

A massive tip for finding expired domains in local client niches. Its going to be hard for you to find relevant expired domains with high metrics like TF/CF etc. For example say you want to find expired domains for "dallas dentist". Most of the old local sites you find will not have a ton of links and their metrics will be very low. The metrics may show up as 7TF or 7DA. Under normal circumstances you may just skip these found expired domains. However, this does not mean the expired domain does not have niche relevant ranking power - because it could very possibly have a a few backlinks from other real dentist sites in the niche - and just 3 to 4 backlinks from real sites in the niche is powerful enough to move ranks. So, don't look at the metric alone! Dig more into the backlink profiles of the sites - specially when you go into niches, and examine the sites with the backlinks.

TF can be manipulated easily. If the topical flow is varied that might explain a low TF score, but the TF can be high if the topical flow is in one catergory . Thats why if one topic has tons of links then I'd be wary and check them for spam. If the TF is low but has high quality links then its a no brainer.

While using Majestic and checking the backlinks you need to look both at the fresh and historic backlinks. This is because while the fresh index matters the most – the historic index helps understand what the domain used to be! That gives you some great insights into the feel of the domains activity over time. Keep in mind the following while comparing the two…
  • If the historic has very few links but the fresh has a bunch someone may have juiced up the domain before dumping.
  • If the historic shows spammy links but the fresh doesn’t the bad links may have disappeared – but be cautions about pointing at your money site.
  • Some links will not show up in the fresh even though the still exist so it’s helpful to look at both.

You need to make your PBNs look alive and active. There are people on Fiverr who will set up an IFTTT network (If This Then That) for you with random Web2.0 accounts that will use your RSS feeds from any site or your Youtube Channel to then auto-post to a ring of Web2.0 sites every time you put out new content on a PBN site. Long-term PBN success comes from having healthy, relevant, active sites linking back to your money sites and other OBLs to other sites / pages in the niche, so that things look people are interested and do actually click on your links. Make sure you do not neglect your Tier 2’s (the pages that link to your PBNs). You can automate the creation of the activity of these Web2.0 pages with IFTTT, which is free – but you may need someone to help build your ring for you and set up your IFTTT recipes. Its not too expensive and could be done for under $20 or so – well worth it!

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