How to do a Hard Content Reset for a Page

Sometimes you want to tell the Googlebot to recrawl a page and recalculate all its signals in the Google Index. When you want to do this, you have to make certain changes on your site so Googlebot realizes that it needs to “recalibrate” all the signals on this page.

This is called doing a “Hard Content Reset” – and its not complicated to do.

Here’s how its done…

Step 1 – You need to first add about 100 words of content to the page. Preferably insert this content as close to the top as possible. If your page is large, then you need to make sure to add this content unit on the top. For some reason Google seems to ignore new content on the bottom of large pages.

Step 2 – Add an image to the page. Again, add the image as close to the top as possible.

Step 3 – Add a comment to your page or post. This is important. If you’re working on an ecommerce store – then the equivalent will be to add a review to the product page.

That’s it!

This should be good enough for Google to re-crawl and recalculate this page in its index.

You could call the Googlebot to do the crawl by submitting this URL in Google Search Console or you could tweet this out (again).

Just wait a few days for the recrawl to happen depending on what kind of crawl budgets are assigned by Google to your site.

You can always check to see if the new content has been added by cut-pasting one sentence from the fresh content and doing a search in google with it in quotes.

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