Magically Acquire E-A-T Backlinks (Expert-Authority-Trust) in Your Niche

Using this one simple trick you can get hundreds of E-A-T backlinks without any link building.
If you didn’t know yet, E-A-T backlinks have been generating a ton of buzz lately, with plenty of SEO experts using the term more and more.
E-A-T is an acronym for…
E = Expert / or Expertise
A = Authority
T = Trust / or Trusted
The trick centers around creating a blog post with opinions or statistics from other authorities in your niche.
You may have already seen these kind of posts around in your niche. This method can also be applied to what is popularly called “Expert Round Ups”.

Here’s How To Get These E-A-T Whitehat Backlinks in Your Niche

As a first step, you need to figure out a topic which if focused on a topic in your industry. 
This could be a… 
  • niche related statistic  
  • popular / highly discussed topic in the niche
  • controversial topic in the industry
  • an upcoming or recent event
Then you simply go out and find the top influencers in your niche.
You can do this by searching Google manually or running a SERP scraper tool like Scrapebox or alternatively subscribing to a service like BuzzSumo.
You will basically be scraping the top influential experts in your niche… and find their contact information.
However, if you’ve been in your niche for a while – chances are that you already have some sort of a starter list of influential people that blog on topics in your niche.
You then simply use this information in a cold email outreach campaign to them.
Simply craft out a message out to them, and plug it into your cold email outreach tool of your choice. Let the tool handle all things like mail merge, schedule sending, response tracking etc .
If you’ve never setup an automated cold email outreach system before – make sure to read this post on How To Do Cold Email Outreach.
When you’re reaching out to influencers in your niche, over email – you’re basically telling them that…
  • You’re getting in touch because you have a lot of respect for them and their opinion as they are a leader in the space.
  • You then go on to tell them that you’re gathering data for a research report or a statistic that you will be publishing on your website / blog.
  • You are reaching out to all the top experts, such as A B C (go ahead and name a few), and since they are among the top experts you would very much value their opinion and feedback on the “topic” (of research / stats etc)
  • You will cite them word-for-word and give them a mention and backlink to their website or any other URL of their choosing
  • If they can put aside a few minutes to write about 100 to 150 words and reply back, then you would be highly appreciative.
  • You can mention that you will share the post in various platforms etc.
Also, do make sure to say that the post has a high chance to go viral as other influencers talk about the post and pass it around / link to it out of their choice on social.
Finally, once you publish the post – make sure to reach out again to the influencer by email or whatever other contact medium you are in touch with them – and let them know about the post.
You can then wait for them to share the post and / or link to it – or send them a quick follow up note in a few days, softly requesting for a share or a backlink.
Chances are that because you have already established an open communication channel with them and given them a backlink and more visibility – they will go ahead and comply with your request – giving you a link or share from a blog that has high E-A-T (Expert + Authority and Trust) ! 

The Video That Inspired This Post

Here’s a quick 11 minute video from the folks over at Income School that gives you a good basic overview of this method – when applied to doing a post on statistics on something in your niche. 

In this video they mostly focus on making a post with statistics in the niche. However, the same method can be applied for doing an expert round up that asks experts for an opinion on a specific issue (that is in then news and current) or that is trending or a controversial subject in the niche. 

You can Google “how to do an expert round up” if you think this is an interesting way to build high quality and authoritative links in your niche.

What’s new with SEO in 2020? (A full E-A-T webinar)

It’s no secret that Google values E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) more than ever in their search algorithm. We have been compiling all of what we have found and what Google’s representatives have been saying over the past year, and we want to tell you about it. If you have a website and care about SEO, you need to have an E-A-T strategy.

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