Briefcase HQ – An Amazing Set of Tools by Appsumo

Here's a list top Business Tools recommended by the folks at Appsumo that can help you sky rocket your business.

As you can see each of these tools can help you do some amazing tricks with your marketing and business growth in general.

If you like what you see there's some amazing deals where you can snag them all.

What are you waiting for?

If you fall in love with the tools here (as many of you will) - you can get them ALL at a fantastic price of $49 only! Here's the secret link! [7 day free trial]

[thrive_headline_focus title=”Book Like a Boss” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $25/Month  |  Visit Site

Book Like A Boss is an all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs looking to create a booking page that sells products or services, takes appointments, and collects payments.

There are advantages and disadvantages to being an entrepreneur.

For example, being your own boss… advantage.

Creating your own destiny… advantage.

Having to pay a developer and designer for a simple booking page… disadvantage.

Going back and forth via email just to schedule a call… disadvantage.

Let’s get rid of those disadvantages, with Book Like A Boss.


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Find That Lead” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $39/Month  |  Visit Site

Who here enjoys gathering leads?

It’s okay, you don’t have to lie to us, we hate it too.

Not only does it take forever to gather prospects’ emails, but half of the time we aren’t even sure if they are active. (Talk about frustrating!)

However, we found a product to solve our lead gathering problems.

Meet FindThatLead.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”SalesFlare” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $35/Month  |  Visit Site

Closing sales is fun.

Chasing customers, keeping track, and staying up to date with clients isn’t.

When was your last contact? Are they opening your emails? What did your customer tweet? What other social profiles do they have?

Where is that PDF you sent a while back?

Just ask, Salesflare knows.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Poplink” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $35/Month  |  Visit Site

Poplink adds eye-catching call-to-actions pop-ups on the links you share, so you can drive people back to your own site for more conversions.

Poplink will help you grow your traffic, email list, sales, and more!


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”CrankWheel” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $75/Month  |  Visit Site

Nobody wants to wait around just for you to get your shiz together. They want it and they want it now, not when it’s convenient for you.

Netflix is always a click away and every time a potential customer has to wait for a demo is another potential customer you’ve lost.

But have no fear, CrankWheel is here!



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”CallPage” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $50/Month  |  Visit Site

How often are you on a website, interested in a product or service and ready to buy but have a few questions.

You don’t feel like calling in and getting placed on hold, or worse, sending an email to wait for an answer.

By then you already found another solution or simply lost interest and forgot.

Your customers want to buy and they want to buy now. Help them and close the sale quicker by speaking to them when they’re most likely to make a decision. Right now.

Meet CallPage.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”MissingLettr” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $69/Month  |  Visit Site

As a blogger, one of the most difficult things to do is to get the views you feel you deserve.

It’s not that “you suck as a writer” and “people don’t want to read your stuff.” (You will not break my spirit, grandpa!)

It’s just that blogs need to be marketed properly. (And not just with one post on social media.)

People aren’t going to magically flock to read it.

So you have to put in the effort to bring people to you.

But who really has the time to craft multiple social media posts for all of your blogs? (I know I don’t.)

This is where Missinglettr comes in.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Slideshop” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $49/Month  |  Visit Site

When you’re presenting in front of your company or clients, you want your presentation to look it was made for Steve Jobs, not Stephan Jobe.

But when you’re starting from scratch every time, it’s easy to get caught up overthinking every detail and still end up with a less-than-stellar presentation.

Lucky for us, that’s where Slideshop comes in.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”PromoRepublic” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $29/Month  |  Visit Site

Even as a millennial, social media can be intimidating.

You have to keep track of all your profiles, remember to post and engage consistently, and constantly create new and exciting content that would make DJ Khaled proud (#KeysToSuccess).

And unless you’re trying to shell out cash to pay for a marketing agency, outsourcing your social media isn’t really an option.

So how can you stay on your social media A-game and keep it in-house without burning out?

PromoRepublic, that’s how.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”CloudApp” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $8/Month  |  Visit Site

Despite what my ex tells her friends, I hate repeating myself.

And when it comes to managing a remote team and answering thousands of customer support questions every week, the last thing I want to do is answer the same question over and over again.

Luckily for me, and my sanity, I found CloudApp.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Airstory” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $89/Month  |  Visit Site

When I sit down to write, I’m usually hit with a potent cocktail of anxiety and frustration.

But it’s not just me, this happens to most writers when they’re staring at a blank page.

Yet, for some crazy reason, we still start every project from an empty Word or Google Doc (this was me until a few weeks ago).

Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copy Hackers, was one of those writers until she got fed up and decided to build the ultimate writing tool.

What is this mythical writing tool?

Meet Airstory.


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Publicfast” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $125/Month  |  Visit Site

As I look around my desk, one thing becomes apparently clear: just about everything I buy is somehow linked to an influencer.

Whether it’s the books I’m reading, the supplements I’m taking, the apps on my phone, or blogs I visit, most of them can be linked back to a specific person who mention it.

And I’m guessing the same story is true for you.

This is the power of influencers.

So the question is: how do you get influencers to promote and publicize your product without having to waste time searching, reaching out, and negotiating?

Answer: Publicfast.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”PixelMe” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $69/Month  |  Visit Site

Imagine being able to retarget anybody who clicks on your links. And we’re talking about anybody, even via Facebook and Twitter.

With the PixelMe URL shortener and retargeting pixel, your dreams can finally be turned into a reality.

And if a retargeting pixel sounds like something out of The Matrix to you, don’t worry: it’s just a piece of code that lets you target and track people who click on your links so you can show them more relevant ads and content.


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Viral Loops” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $199/Month  |  Visit Site

If you’ve ever recorded a video of yourself throwing a bucket of ice on your head, you know how valuable viral word-of-mouth marketing is.

The reason is obvious: people trust their friends more than a billboard.

But just because word-of-mouth can happen organically, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to amplify its reach.

That’s where Viral Loops comes in.

Lifetime Access to Viral Loops


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Reveal” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $49/Month  |  Visit Site

Not gonna lie, seeing your Facebook ad campaigns consistently hitting a positive ROI is an awesome feeling… like scoring the game-winning point or waking up before your alarm.

But once you start to scale up and are running multiple campaigns, it can be a hassle diving into Facebook’s Ad Manager every time you want an update or report.

Especially if you’re running campaigns for clients who all want to stay in the loop.

Fortunately, AppSumo has found an incredible tool that handles these automations and insights for you.

Meet: Reveal.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”EpicBeat” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $49/Month  |  Visit Site

Sumo-lings, how much time do you waste searching the web for quality content in your industry?

Our guess is too much.

But what if you could find top content and the best strategies for reaching your audience all in one place?

I think you know where we are going with this…

Meet EpicBeat.

Get Lifetime Access to EpicBeat


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Linklay” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $34/Month  |  Visit Site

The first rule of sales: make it easy to say “yes.” (The second rule: never talk about the first rule.)

But when it comes to online shopping, people often have to jump through hoops, clicking through multiple pages before they can even buy a product.

That’s where Linklay and their shoppable images come in.

Shoppable images take customers from picture to checkout in just one click.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Plutio” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $13/Month  |  Visit Site

As a freelancer, you wear many different hats. (Though, it might be time to retire that fedora.)

Besides actually doing the work people pay you for, you’re also spending time finding clients, invoicing them, and managing all of the microtasks that keep your business running.

And when your reputation is on the line, staying organized is all the more important.

That’s where Plutio, and its single-dashboard productivity platform, comes to the rescue.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Invanto” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $297/Month  |  Visit Site

Oh, the pains of starting a small business.

First, you’re creating a website.

Next, you’re collecting emails to communicate with customers.

Then, you’re building out a membership site or online course so you can start to monetize your site (gotta pay back dem loan sharks).

And if that’s not enough, you’re doing all of this from different apps…

“Ay Dios mio.”

Until now.

Meet Invanto.

Lifetime Access to Invanto


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Stencil” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $18/Month  |  Visit Site

In 2014 we brought you a cool little tool called ShareAsImage.

It helped you create gorgeous social media photos to help you increase engagement.

With 10,000+ purchases and hundreds of 5 taco reviews, it was clear y’all loved the app.

Well this year, ShareAsImage grew up and became a full fledged online graphic design studio.

To celebrate this major upgrade, they rebranded themselves as Stencil.

Lifetime Access to Stencil


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Beacon” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $29/Month  |  Visit Site

Isn’t it funny that blog posts feel disposable?

Yet, take that same article and put it in an eBook and it becomes gospel?

So how do you give your writing more weight? Obviously – turn it into an eBook!

But where to begin? Hire a designer? Try to design it yourself?

Our good friends at Beacon (not to be confused with Bacon, mmm bacon) have created an app that creates sexy looking eBooks in seconds!

It even has a WordPress plugin so you can load your posts instantly!

With one click, you can automatically convert your blog content into a professionally designed eBook.

Beacon Lifetime!


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”pCloud” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $3.99/Month  |  Visit Site

Not too long ago, I was forced to make an incredibly difficult decision.

You see, my smartphone’s storage was almost full and it was time for me to free up space.

So, there I was, deciding whether to get rid of pictures from a recent vacation with my girlfriend or photos of that piece of toast that looked exactly like Mark Wahlberg.

And, well… sorry, Stef.

Fortunately, you Sumolings won’t have to make decisions like this ever again (or sleep on the couch).

Introducing pCloud.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Fieldbook” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $29/Month  |  Visit Site

If you’re anything like me, your Google Drive is overflowing with spreadsheets.

And on these sheets are key pieces for managing your business: project tracking… sales pipelines… client information.

But let’s be real, unless you’re the mathematician John Nash (A Beautiful Mind), it can be tough to separate the signal from the noise and manage these sheet efficiently.

What we need is a way to link all these sheets together into a custom database that we can easily manage and pull meaningful data from.

Well guess what? AppSumo has discovered a tool to eliminate your spreadsheet woes.

Meet Fieldbook.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”DryRun” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $49/Month  |  Visit Site

Let’s talk about your #bizgoals for a minute.

Priority numero uno is reducing nasty surprises and making smart decisions…right?

To meet your goals, you need to master your cash flow. This means:

    • Figuring out when you’re getting paid…
    • Finding out how to assess and navigate risks…
    • Deciding if you’re going to be under- or over-capacity on upcoming projects…
    • Living and breathing your business break-even point…

Basically, you need to predict the future.

No problem.

Introducing Dryrun.

Get Lifetime Access to DryRun's Standard Plan


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Billy” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $19/Month  |  Visit Site

As a freelancer, you’re responsible for all aspects of your business.

Even the accounting 🙁

So when it comes to handling your books, you have two options:

  1. You can hire a professional accountant to sort and organize your shoebox of receipts and invoices.
  2. You can spend hours of your precious time managing the books yourself.

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!

Fortunately, Sumolings, AppSumo is going to give you a third (much better) option.

Meet Billy.



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[thrive_headline_focus title=”SE Ranking” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $7/Month  |  Visit Site

My fellow SEOers, how many different tools are you using right now?

4?… 5?… 6?… More?!

And I bet that doesn’t even include the tools for lead gen and marketing.

Well, Sumolings, today we’ve got something special for you…

Meet: SE Ranking.

Get Lifetime Access to SE Ranking


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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Social Insider” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $60/Month  |  Visit Site

If you’re just getting your business off the ground, chances are you don’t have enough data and insights to formulate a solid marketing campaign on Facebook.

But, you know who does?

Your competition.

And wouldn’t it be awesome if you had special access to view how the public reacts to their digital strategy?

Well, now you do.

Meet Social Insider.

Get Lifetime Access to Social Insider

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[thrive_headline_focus title=”Customer Guru” orientation=”left”]

Retail: $50/Month  |  Visit Site

How many times have you sent out a Google Form survey to your customers hoping to get amazing new insights?

And how successful have those attempts been?

Yup, it happens to the best of us.

The majority of customers ignore surveys like they’re a weekend text from a coworker (get a life, Todd).

And when we do finally get a few responses they rarely have the insight that helps us really determine true customer satisfaction.

By now you’re thinking, “there must be a better way!”.

And there is, dear Sumoling. It’s called


I hope you enjoyed this list I made. If you want to get all these tools for one low price of $49 - here's the link. [7 day free trial]

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