A Sample Reconsideration Request Message to Google

Hello Google Search Quality Team…

We are submitting our site, www.xyz.com, for reconsideration after receiving an email several months ago stating that we have unnatural links to our site.

In the past, we have built backlinks to our website from other places on the Internet such as –

  • Low quality Directory Sites
  • Low quality Social Bookmarking sites
  • Some low quality WIKI sites
  • Some non-related forums
  • Submission of content to Article Sites and Directories
  • Blog comments on non-related blog posts
  • We have also bought some sponsored links via AdNetworks like Text-Link-Ads
  • Add more things here that were low quality links

We understand that possibly the links from the places above to our website may have caused the manual penalty and unnatural links warning sent to us by Google.

We had contracted an online marketing and SEO company called company name that misled us and did a lot of underhanded (Blackhat SEO) methods. We have stopped working with them when we began to suspect their methods, and as our rankings began to slide downwards.

We have had our internal team evaluate our entire backlink profile that is available via the WebmasterTools download. They have visited each link and identified the unnatural backlinks as per Google’s SEO guidelines for webmasters on http://support.google.com/webmaters/

We have contracted a virtual team of remote workers to attempt to remove all the backlinks identified as Toxic and unnatural links. They have attempted to contact each site owner at least 3 times requesting for the link to be deleted.

We have done all the analysis and leg-work we possibly can to remove any links that may seem unnatural, and submitted disavow requests on all links we could not control. We have done this extensively and over a period of time after inspecting all the DoFollow links individually.

Here is a detailed summary of our link deletion efforts – (numbers are imaginary)


15433   – Total Backlinks in Portfolio (including all sitewides)

3194     – Total Links after excluding more than 5 sitewides per domain

1538     – Links after removing No-Follow links and more than 5 sitewides per domain

817       – Total Unique Domains


719       – Total Unhealthy Links After Link Inspection (excluding more than 5 sitewides per domain)

355       – Total Unique Domains Contacted


1504     Total Incoming DoFollow Links Manually Reviewed and Analyzed by us as Unnatural or Toxic

429       Total Incoming DoFollow Unnatural Links REMOVED as a Result of Our Request To Website Owners

370       Total Incoming DoFollow Unnatural Links REMOVED directly by us or dropped/auto-deleted over time

705       Total Incoming DoFollow Unnatural Links Submitted via the Disavow Tool

Xxx      Total Domain Level Disavows Done

This spreadsheet shows in detail the links and what efforts we have taken for removal, including logging of email communication dates with each webmaster.


We have monitored and verified this activity closely and we submitted a disavow request on date to Google on those unnatural backlinks that we could not remove ourselves or remove after contacting the webmasters on several occasions by email.

We have also tweaked and redesigned our website for a better user experience, and we have toned down any form of keyword over-stuffing that may have been present in the past.

We have also changed our entire online marketing and SEO program and no longer use the methods of the past to manipulate page rank. We have been promoting our website to our target markets by providing quality content to our subscribers and followers focusing on our products, and have not produced any external links using any methods against Google Quality Guidelines in several months.

We ask that Google please revoke the manual penalty on our site given that we have done all we can possibly do within the knowledge we’ve received from Google to conform to the quality guidelines.

On the other hand, if there is still something lacking, that we need to fix we appreciate if you could please let us know.

We assure you that we will no longer be using any of the unnatural methods for link building and SEO we used in the past.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your Full Name





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