Super Massive High Quality Guest Post Sites List (from the World’s Biggest Link Brokers) [Data]

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In a recent SEO training (yes, I do learn from other folks who are knowledgeable) – I learnt a method on how to find massive lists of sites accepting Guest Posts for a fee.

You see, guest post sites are often approached by link brokers or companies that sell backlinks by positioning themselves as Guest post Networks (these are not PBN sites in anyway at all).

Brokers work with top agencies and SEOs worldwide. They have massive sites who are part of their network. The site gets paid every time the broker sends them a guest post.

However, we are smarter than that, right? 😜

We know that these guest post sites will be more than happy to sell guest posts directly to us.

And, there is no ethical or legal issue in approaching them directly and the sites are not bound by any exclusive contracts with the brokers (and, if they are – they will tell you).

So, all said and done… you can approach these sites directly and save a bunch 💰

Here’s the list… (link is inactive for now)


🔥 Access the Massive List of Guest Post Sites that Sell via Link Brokers

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This is a 100% Legit list of my own that I found using various tools that scrape Google etc. These list are not from any information stored on the network sites and I am not associated with them in anyway at all.

Note: Currently the sites in the list are not categorized by niche or industry.


Sharing is Caring... show some love :)