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Co-Occurrence – A Significant Aspect of Your Guest Post To Give Your Backlinks Massive Power and Credibility

Co-Occurence is simply the occurrence of other specific sites / brands etc that are related to your website in the content post. Co-occurence is the right way to do blog posts and it is safe. By having other industry sites or competing sites you are only building trust in your off-page article content and making it look less like an SEO post. This is a must do for 90% of your guest posts. You have to mention other competitors (specially the ones who are prominent and ranking high). This starts sending a signal to Google that your site belongs to the top. When the algorithm sees articles and content with mentions and links of your site ayongwith key players – the AI gets trained.

Use exact money anchor on other Links OBLs on the page // this is a very good way to pass signals of keywords to rank for by correlation of links on same page and without your site getting into any anchor over-optimization.

You can have different types of co-occurrences… 

Branded co-occurrence – you mention all brand names in the post with links to sit

Money keyword co-occurrence – your use money anchors for all competition websites you link to in the post along with yours.

General keywords co-occurrence – you link out using generic keywords only in all anchors.

Mixed co-occurrence – you mix things up… use a mix of brand links, money anchors, generic, info based keywords etc.

Use Money Keyword Anchors for Co-Occurrence the Guest Post Article Content

In your guest post article, you can use money keyword anchors for other competing sites in your niche (if you plan to include them in the article as part of the co-relation SEO method I talk about). So, these other sites in your guest post in your niche will have anchors as money keywords – but for your site you can use brand anchor. This will help you get some juice for the money keywords mentioned on the page as links and it will help you safe also from Penguin over-optimisation of anchor. It’s good to mix this in, into your strategy


So, how do you pass lesser juice to your competition while doing a co-occurrence guest post link? Simple….

Just swap the www to non-www or vice versa while linking to other competing sites.

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