More (Power) Tips for Every Guest Post Link Builder [Reading]

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📍Be careful in Vendor Chat. Be careful of giving vendors your URLs when they ask for it, on chat specially. If you are working for a client site as they could then try and bypass you and contact the  client directly from their site etc.

📍If ordering multiple guest post sites from same vendor (and if he is a direct owner of the sites and not a broker / reseller) – do check to make sure sites are not all hosted on the same IP and in fact are each on unique IPs.

📍Note that if you try to PM a vendor you have already chatted with in the past, then when you try to contact them from the gig page, it takes you to PM thread instead of a popup.

📍Serpworx tool (that I use heavily to check sites data quickly) can be used along with Aherfs or Semrush traffic numbers, especially when you are seeing low traffic numbers in the guest post site.

📍Remember there are different ways to acquire backlinks. Links can be Owned, Earned or Paid for.

📍Make sure you always check the site delivered to you vs. order placed or as in the chat custom offer message by the vendor. There are times when vendors will try and sell you a guest post on site but end up giving you – which as we all know have totally different metrics as they are different websites as seen by Google (although on the same domain the trust, power, relevance metrics, link juice given, etc differs)

📍Foreign language guestposts can be used once you get some velocity going and links in your bag. Mix and match these in as they can be powerful and cost you much lesser. Also, its a good mix for Google’s algo and builds trust signals as well.

📍Remember that Penguin algorithm is link specific. The over-optimisation it checks is at a page level and not site level. So make sure to diversify your target pages that you link to on your site, along with your anchor text diversification etc. Read my anchor text post here. Don’t go too heavy and build links to just a couple of pages on your site. That looks unnatural and will get picked up by Google. Remember anchor text optimisation runs on a page level with Penguin.

📍Here’s a good list of different Google queries you could use.

📍Avoid the $5 and $10 gigs. Target to go after sites that are $25 and upwards. Other than the .edu links or web2.0 sites or Google stack links, you should avoid $5 or $10 guest post sites. You can sort fiverr search results by price also.

📍Guest post guidelines. Here’s a good link I found worth a share –

📍When you find guest post sites list or links, be careful and avoid public lists that are open and widely shared online. 

Sharing is Caring... show some love :)