Messaging Vendors in their Inbox – Sending your DM (Direct Message) [4:56]

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Sending Private Messages to Vendors via direct messaging system

Please make sure you message vendors via the popup message sending system, slowly. You may get a warning, if you go too fast and send multiple PMs within seconds. So go slow.

I got a warning after perhaps over 500 private messages, so I can’t say how soon (if kicks in after a certain number of private messages or if its a new feature they just built to warn people who rapidly send out PMs. However, I did message support and tell them my messages are all legitimate and there is no other way, as I need the domain before placing the order – and most gig vendors ask you to contact them.

So, technically it is not spam, what we are doing – and it is in compliance with their terms. I guess, Fiverr is concerned with people running bots sending marketing messages via PM in mass quantities for other gigs. So, if anything does happen to your account, you should message them and let them know why you are sending mass PMs.

πŸ“Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything that happens to your site, or any accounts anywhere. Please use the methods at your own discretion.

Educating the Noob Vendor

Oftentimes, vendor will reply saying only one link is allowed per guest post. When this happens you need to educate them that it is good for their website to included multiple links in the article otherwise the article looks too much like an SEO post to Google (if only one link is inserted).

Tell them that they are free to choose and add any other link that is related to the post or topic or industry. Linking out to Wikipedia, Youtube videos, News sites, etc. or even other articles and pages within the domain – is good practice.

This is called link padding and will help in improving relevance and trust of the guest post. Otherwise Google will know the article is for SEO promotion if you leave only one link!

You may send them a message like this…

Please add the other OBLs mentioned in our content guidelines to you… even if with different anchors or add some other OBLs as we need to do link padding otherwise post becomes suspect of SEO promotional post by google. Also, you may want to add internal links also for your own site safety measures.

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