How To Check the Backlink Power & SEO Juice Potential of a Guest Post Site (before buying your backlink) [Reading]

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This one is for advanced power users who have been building guest posts for a while and would only like backlinks from sites that have tried and tested ability to pass juice. If you want to remove the guesswork into figuring out if a specific guest post site will move ranks for you, then this method is for you.

Do note that it will take your time and effort to do an analysis. But, if you’re paying upwards of $300 for a backlink, it may be worth it to do this check.

I will talk about this briefly here, and will write a detailed post on this later perhaps. All in all, you should look for new guest post sites and that don’t have a ton of posts coming to them everyday.

This is the biggest problem with this method. The links are cheaper that what you would buy from other places… and good quality and powerful… but site burn out issue is there if the site gets popular in time.

The sites can get stale perhaps a … “google burn out” in time. So, to counter this you can us a tool like Ahrefs to check the quality of the link power prediction. Just see any organic traffic / ranking boosts for other sites the guest post site linked out to on specific dates… look around 3 weeks into the future for each OBL on the guest post site.

You are checking the ranking / organic traffic boost of the target site. This will tell you if the guest post site link will be powerful. This will be tedious to do for all guest post sites, but you should do it for the ones you are paying high amounts for.

When evaluating a site for guest posting, you can check outbound anchors and see if they are mostly commercial anchors. Guest posting on a site which hardly uses money keyword outbound links, makes it more valuable a site to put a guest post on. You can check Ahrefs tools to see the monetary value of OBLs in the guest post articles of the site, and choose to post on sites that only use low value sites.

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