How To Catch Well Disguised Scam Guest Post Sites being Sold Rampantly Online [10:36]


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Identifying Scam Guest Posts and Calling Out Deceptive Vendors

Be careful of Scamsters selling guest post sites with fake traffic metrics that are difficult to catch easily.

This is a trap and you can get sucked in easily into buying gigs on the cheap or paying exorbitant amounts for a site with good DA, DR and traffic metrics – but are actually worthless and will not give you any SEO juice.

If there is one key take-away from this course, this is it.

How to identify the scam sites and scam vendors.

They probably don’t know themselves that the sites are worthless for SEO, but are just brokers themselves trying to make a buck.

Be very very careful in checking sites with high traffic for the types of keywords they are ranking for (and thus getting high traffic).

Many people are simply purchasing high traffic sites in free movies, or torrent niche and simply 301ing them to more credible sounding domain names and then selling backlinks on Fiverr at high prices.

This is a very important aspect to check!

The keywords a site is ranking for must be in congruence with its content!

If you order guest posts on sites that have traffic for the wrong or spammy keywords – then your site will come under aspect for appearing on too many spammy type site with wrong keywords and this may trigger a ranking filter.

So always check the keywords a site is ranking for prior to purchasing the guest post.

Be careful of junk sites with traffic / for wrong keywords as getting link clicks is also important part of SEO for your backlink on guest post site.

People are mixing up with 301 from expired movie and torrent sites so you see good and bad keywords. Avoid these sites. 

Remember – there must be a match between content and keywords its ranking for, else its a 301 suspect!

An example of a Scam Site

An example of a borderline scam site 

See this sites top keyword. Some keywords are decent, and some are not. You have decide for yourself. See position and volume, see overall keyword niche, see price etc.

Another site with random keywords rankings

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