A Step-by-Step Walkthrough on Searching Fiverr for Quality Guest Post Gigs [22:00]

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Facing Gig Results Saturation in Fiverr

If you face results saturation while searching for guest post gigs on Fiverr (same sites showing up) – then keep trying other niche and keyword searches like “guest post technology” or “guest post business” or “guest post xyz”.

Also, sometimes if you find a steal of a deal for a guest post but its in a niche not related to your money site – you can try thinking laterally and seeing if you can somehow connect the topics… that is, write about say how technology xyz affects travel (for a travel guest post site linking to a technology site).

Don’t forget to save these gems (even if they are not in a niche you are currently working on) as you could potentially need it for future clients.

A Word About Google News Approved Sites

There has been a sudden burst and interest in guest posting in Google news approved sites. You will see many guest posts say that their site is approved by Google News.

This only means that the content you create on their site will appear in the Google News Feed. Yes, getting a post o na Google news approved site is more valuable than if the same site was not Google news approved – but always check the other metrics of the site! Don’t relay just on the vendor telling you the site is Google News approved and so the price is premium. 


Be careful of news sites like this… that are selling guest posts for $75 per link with content. This is expensive, and these all look like a newswire sites to me.

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