A Quick Note about “Editorial Links” [Reading]

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These are basically the big news sites like, Bloomberg, Techcrunch, WallStreet or industry specific known news websites.

These are like guest post links but camoflauged as genuine editorial content by the author/contributor as his original news piece or review or research, write up etc.

These are mostly on recognised press / news coverage sites.

They are a great place to get backlinks from, however you should always proceed with caution because you will be paying a lot of money for a guest post on these sites.

The tricky part with these is that the guest post sticks in the long term and does not get taken down in a couple of months or even say 6 months to a year. After all, you are going to be paying a LOT for just one link… $800 to $3000 at times!

The way you can and should check this is to ask the provider for the contributors profile link and any past editorials they have published.

Then when you check the link, see how far back it was from. Make sure to go back and ask the vendor / broker / seller for older posts… more than a year if you find his examples are from recent dates. This is important.

Also, check that the contributor is regular writer with a few articles a month or at least one in a month. They have more credibilty and are genuine writers who will probably not get called up and bumped off the site.

Also, you will find that Guest Post providers of editorial link sites, openly share names of the editorial site.

This is because editorial sites are almost never called out for selling backlinks from Google – given the massive amounts of authority and trust (DA, DR, TF etc) their domains have.

The contributors or brokers  openly share domain names while advertising their gig (as opposed to other smaller guest post sites where sellers hide the domain name from public eye).

However, it is still a risk for the contributor if they get caught selling a backlink on a guest post for money. It is against the site TOS, but it is very hard to pin point as oftentimes the guest posts are padded with multiple OBLs and mostly have brand anchors.

Sharing is Caring... show some love :)