Live Website SEO Audit Series [Case Studies]

By Vishal Lamba | SEO

Sep 25
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In this series of live SEO Audit videos, you can look over my shoulder as I go about auditing a series of different websites.

There is NO BETTER WAY to learn SEO than by seeing it done live by someone experienced. In this series, I hold nothing back. I do the audits live as I look at potential client projects or people people who have sent in their sites for review. The insights you get from this series is priceless, and I strongly suggest you watch them all.

The sites I audit in the videos range from ecommerce sites, to local mom-and-pop niche business sites​ and some larger online businesses.

Most of these sites suffer from fundamental issues that are affecting their ranking performance.

I do not recommend you watch these videos in one sitting, but rather digest them one at a time in separate sessions as I do address a lot of stuff in detail.

Make sure you take notes of things I talk about, and more specifically make notes of how any of these are affecting your projects and how you could improve and fix the issues.​

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below, and subscribe to the YetiYogi Youtube channel if you want to get updates on new videos I make.

Case Study 01 - Live SEO Audit | Amazon Affiliate Website

Case Study 02 - Live SEO Audit | Ecommerce Website

Case Study 03 - Live SEO Audit | Local Niche Website

Case Study 04 - Live Website UX & UI Audit | Ecommerce Website

Case Study 05 - Live SEO Audit | Local Niche Website

Case Study 06 - Live SEO Audit | Local Niche Website

Sharing is Caring... show some love :)

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