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Link Clean Up and Removal Process Overview

By Vishal Lamba | SEO

Jul 10

Here’s an high level overview of the link clean up and removal process…

Do You have access to Automated Link Analysis Tools like Detox, LinkRisk, Cognitive SEO etc?


Download Your Backlink Profile with the prelimnary link rating, inspection data and email contacts – all already provided by these tools.

Start the email communication process of contacting various webmasters.


You will need to access Free Tools like WMT, Blekko or paid tools like OSE, MajesticSEO, Ahrefs etc.  to download Your RAW Backlink profile

Make a Spreadsheet to start tracking all data including communication efforts being made with each webmaster for link removal. The template is included in this package.


Maintain a clean record of all your efforts, specifically if you are going to be filing a Reconsideration Request

Need an effective way to maintain all your records,and also to mass-fetch and download email addresses of all webmasters, if you don’t have them in your spreadsheet?

To improve your efficiency use paid tools like Remove em and Rmoov to directly access email addresses of webmasters AND create a clean record and format for all details of your


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