Guest Posting for SEO has been a top method for ranking sites on Google for many years.
It has always worked and is still working – if done right. You can do very well in SEO and rank sites in the toughest of niches if you follow the process I outline here.
I have personally used it to rank sites in touch niches of $50+ CPC. I know from my own experience that it works very well if done correctly. I have spent countless hours work on this technique and have spent thousands of dollars while executing this very SEO method… and I have achieved amazing results with it. 
Of course you need to have a solid on-page SEO as well if you want to benefit even more with this method of link building. 
As in all SEO, when all your SEO factors are good they each help one another achieve better movements and you can dominate literally any niche. 
Just make sure you have proper content silo structures and solid on-page SEO done for your target site. You can check out may training on that.
Also, make sure your anchor text optimization of your backlinks profile is done properly and you don’t stuff it unnaturally or leave any SEO manipulation signals for the algorithm.
There’s a couple of broader strategies that one can adopt while doing Guest posts, as under…

[Method 1] Guest Posting Done via Cold Email Outreach

Guest Posts done through cold email outreach by requesting site owner that you would like to write a guest post article on their website / blog. To find the sites that you can contact, you simply do a Google Search like “Write for us” + niche. I have included some footprints you can query later in this post below fro you, and you can use Scrapebox to run these queries and scrape sites in large numbers. 
Alternately, you can also get database of sites from guest post list aggregator services that offer listings such as –
This method of getting guest posts works well – but is tedious and will be difficult for most SEOs to perform.
It basically requires you to do real cold email outreach for acquiring the backlinks and requires more time, effort and tools to setup.
You can adapt it as an SEO method if you have the time and resources to execute the steps in the process.
The site owner where the guest post is published also may or may not mark your article off as a sponsored post, and cite your target site and they may or may not link to your website based on their internal policy. You should definitely check with them at the time of negotiating for the guest post inclusion on their site.

[Method 2] Directly Purchasing Backlinks on Guest Post Sites 

The method involves scanning marketplaces like Fiverr for Guest Post Gigs where you can directly buy backlinks from the owners or re-sellers of backlinks on sites that offer guest posts for a fee.
This method will be our core focus and the subject matter of this blog post.
This is quicker and favored by most SEOs as a faster method. Your main strategy revolves around  to finding quality sites from gig sellers (on Fiverr) and evaluating each site (for power and/or relevancy) to make sure it is legit and is worth the asking price. 
I have found from personal experience that this is a quicker way to acquire backlinks. 
However, you may choose to augment it with Method 1 as that has the potential to get you backlinks from more powerful niche sites – at almost zero cost (your only investment is a very high quality article and the time you spend to do outreach).
The quality of the article needs to be top notch, as opposed to article content required while doing method 1. You can get by with content that costs you about $30 for 1000 words or so while purchasing the ability to publish your content on these sites.
This is relatively cheap compared to Method 1, where you would probably have to pay a lot more for a the high level of content quality that would get approved (perhaps $150 to $300 per 1000 words). However, the sites from Method 1 would be mostly be more powerful sites in your niche – giving you a lot more SEO juice.
To help you get started, I will be including a database of websites that accept paid guest posts. Please sign up below to be notified. I will be regularly adding and updating to this list, and I will sort by top quality vendors that I have found (mostly on Fiverr). 

Searching Fiverr for Guest Post Gigs

Finding top quality guest posting sites on Fiverr takes time, effort and in-depth knowledge in knowing exactly how to spot a winner and quickly discard the heap of rubbish sites that you will mostly encounter. 
From my experience I have seen that you will most probably find 1 good vendor or 1 good site from every 10 that you evaluate. This is a 10% finding rate and it is decent given that there is a TON of junk sellers and junk sites out there. 
As a next step, lets get started on the process I use to find these sites and that you can easily apply for your niche requirements.
We will start by looking for high quality websites in our niche on Fiverr that are open for paid guest post placements. 
Later on we will also look for Google news approved sites, or Web2.0 sites and even niche cross over sites – that I will talk about later. 
For now, lets focus on looking for good guest posting sites in your niche.
So, go ahead and search on fiverr for…. 
“your niche” + Guest Post.
For example… 
Business Guest Post.
This will show you results of sites being offered by vendors that are in your niche, in this case business. Go ahead and right click on a gig in the result that looks good and open it in a new window.
You will see that most of the time, the gig talks about one site and includes the DA (Domain Authority) in the gig name or description along with some other metrics. 
While DA can be somewhat of a guide for you, you should never depend on it. DA is a metric that can be easily gamed and you must NOT look at it while doing your evaluation. DA is not a reliable metric while measuring the quality or power of a site for SEO purposes. 
While looking at the gig description, you can then scroll down to the reviews section and just quickly see if the gig has been getting some sales (although not a requirement in your evaluation) but, do make sure that there are not multiple negative reviews. While sales is not really a factor I use much – it does add to the credibility of the gig a little (if you have any doubt).
Rarely do the gig sellers include the site name or url in the title or description. 
They do this to protect their own sites from Google openly saying they are selling backlinks (because it is against google Terms to sell backlinks but it is OK to acquire them). 
Your next step will be to send a PM (Private Message) to the gig seller for the site URL by sending them a Private message via the Contact Seller button.
This is OK to do. 
You will need to type in a minimum of 50 characters at the very least so, go ahead and send a message like this…
What is the site URL?……………………………………………..
Hit send and then close the window. 
Then simply, proceed to the next gig that is listed in the search result and rinse and repeat the above messaging process.
You are effectively sending out PMs to all the gig owners for the domain / root site URL that they are selling the guest post gig for.
It’s important to note here that most of the gig runners are not the owners of the guest post site. They are simply reselling the service. It is entirely possible that you get different prices for the same site. 
A lot of the time, you will also notice that the gig owner will PM you back with a whole list of sites instead of just one. This means you have a larger list to sift through. Most of the time, you will be able to easily see if the list is junk or not after just evaluating a few (2 to 3 sites) in their list. 
A very important step, is to check the cost with and without content written by the gig owner. Most of the time, they will have clearly mentioned on the gig page – the base price for publishing content on the guest post site, and then an additional price where they say…. content writing + publishing.
Usually the price per 500 words of content is between around $15 to $25.
As a power tip – if the guest post publishing only costs $5 to $10 …then it is most probably a junk site with poor SEO juice ability. 
Quality guest post sites are mostly $15 and above just fro publishing the posts. The higher the price the better the chances are of it being a powerful site – given that its not a scam. Which is why you need to evaluate each site quickly but carefully to see if its legit or just some scam selling junk SEO juice on a site that is polished up to “look good”. 

Evaluating Guest Post Site Metrics

I will now talk about the various metrics you need to check while evaluating a site.
For carrying out this step, you will need access to either Ahrefs or SERPworx. You cannot do this step unless you have either of these tools. IF you are serious about your SEO you should have SERPworx. highly recommend it and its a tool I use on a day to day basis for my SEO. 
SERPworx is a paid tool that works as a browser extension. It basically gives you metrics of any website you have open by overlaying a sidebar on the page. They have a 14 day trial so, feel free to take it for a spin. SERPworx also overlays key metrics data within the SERP page for results that show up when you perform a Google Search. This gives you a birds eye view into some important metrics of the top ranking sites in the search results. Its like SEO Quake or the Moz Bar – on steroids! The $29 per month subscription will work for most SEOs out there and I highly recommend it.
Simply visit the site root page, and wait for various SERPworx metrics to show up in the overlay panel of SERPworx in the browser.

Checking “Traffic” Metrics of the Guest Post Site

The very first metric you are looking for is “traffic” – which I consider as the core metric. 
Sites without traffic, should be discarded off as junk sites and you should simply ignore them as scams being sold on Fiverr.
The sad truth is that 9 of 10 sites you find will fall in this bracket. So, you will have a lot of discarding to do!
Any legit site that you are buying a guest post on must have real traffic coming to it. Google also measures this and in fact looks at the traffic your guest post eventually get also (but that is not something we are looking for at the moment and we are not really concerned right now in asking the gig owner how much traffic will our post get).
The amount of traffic we are looking for will closely match the price. I would say for smaller sites, traffic metric of just a hundred or few hundreds is OK. That is an indication that its not a junk site with zero traffic. 
As the traffic increases to 1000+ and more, the power of the sites ability to pass link juice and SEO value to your target site will also increase. 
Real sites have real traffic coming to them and we are on a look out for them. This is a key metric. Any site with real traffic coming to it will be a winning site, provided some other double checking metrics are met, as under.
You can also get some idea of traffic by looking up a sites Alexa Ranking. However, I don’t use this in my method to check traffic as it is too broad a statistic.
Note – we are looking to doing Guest Posts on sites in our niche and not just general sites that have all posts in all topics / categories in them. Sure, you will get URLs from gig owners for Gigs that say Business Guest Post and when you check you will find that Business is just one category on the site. 
You may or may not choose to push out a guest post on “general site” based on your SEO. Effectively you are looking for Power + Relevance here.
However, if you are only getting Power (and no Relevance) because the site is a general site and your niche is just one category in it – you may still want to post on this site if it looks legit and has power. This does help with SEO.
However, always keep in mind getting a backlink from a site in your niche that is legit and has traffic (and power) is always stronger than a guest post on a general site with power. 
You should maintain a healthy balance and get about 30% of your backlinks from powerful general sites, and 70% from sites in your niche that have power. 

The next key metric I look at is keywords for which the site is ranking.

The top 100 keywords can be retrieved using SEPRworx. If the site is a niche site, then quickly scan through the keywords to make sure that the keywords are relevant to the niche. 

Be Careful of the Keyword Con

Make sure that the keywords the site is ranking for are not unrelated to the niche and the blog post topics being written about. 
For example, if you notice that the keywords for a Business site are mostly about “download free movie” – then this is a scam site and you should move on. 
The owner of the site has purchased another domain that was ranking for a whole bunch of keywords (and getting traffic) for that type of content and then they simply 301 redirected the site to a new domain so they can pass down DA metrics and traffic metrics. However, they cannot hide the keywords the traffic is coming to the site for – and this is where we checkmate them and call out their scam!
You should not bother PMing these sellers and telling them its a scam etc. It really is pointless, and you will be wasting time messaging back and forth as they try and defend themselves. Just move on to your job of evaluating the next gig in line.

Taking a quick look at the site design is also important.

Just make sure the site being inspected basically looks OK design wise and has recent content being posted. It should also have a valid SSL certificate and there should be no malware warnings showing up in your browser when you visit the site. Also, make sure the site you evaluate is the one being offered and not a sub-domain or a misspelling of the domain!

Padding Your Guest Post Backlink 

The guest post that you submit to be published will typically have your backlink in it and you can optionally add backlinks (OBLs – Outbound Links)to other sites in your niche (strong or weak competitors or other industry niche sites). The editor of the guest post site may also choose to insert additional links that are OBLs or internal links to other content on his site. This is perfectly OK to do and infact is a healthy SEO tactic. It increases the authority and relevance of your article and that helps pass more link juice down to the target sites for the keywords and “flavor” of the content the article links out to.

Evaluating Gig Sellers

I’ve spent countless hours contacting hundreds of seller on Fiverr and PeoplePerHour. 
Guest Post Sellers fall under the following categories…
  • Single or Multiple Site Owners
  • Resellers of Sites
  • PBN Link Sellers
  • Power Sellers with Massive Lists

Maintain Good Guest Post Site Diversity

As you go about acquiring your paid guest post backlinks, its important that you maintain a healthy balance across various factors. You should learn to balance out power vs relevancy – for your overall portfolio of websites on which you get backlinks.
Don’t focus on just having sites in your niche – and not have backlinks from general sites with domain power. 
Make sure you have a healthy mix of different site types…. 
  • Niche Sites with Relevancy (60%)
  • Power Site with Authority (20%)
  • Google News Approved Websites (10%) 
  • Web2.0 Sites (10%) [You can also use these to link to Niche or Power Sites above]

My Private List of Golden Guest Post Gig Sellers

When you do find a seller with good sites… you will know by looking at data that his sites are genuine and real. Usually when you hit the jackpot and find a good seller / broker who has genuine sites -you will be able to tell quickly that you have found a gem. 
I have created my own private list of Gigs and sellers that I have found to be good and worth getting backlinks from. I have negotiated with these vendors. I have done the research of sites so you don’t have to. Mostly tech and business database but you can approach them for sites in other niches also.
These Guest Post Gig sellers are genuine and 100% legit sellers. 
If you would like access to this list or my upcoming private marketplace where you can directly access the list of all sites and key metrics for each – then please make sure you are signed up on my mailing lists from any of the opt-in areas on this website.

Scrapebox Query Method

Here are some queries you can run in Google or fire up into Scrapebox and then scrape the top blogs that are accepting guest posting. In these examples the niche is Security.
    Security + “blog for us”
    Security + “guest post”
    Security + “write for us”
    Security + “write for me”
    Security + “become a contributor”
    Security + “guest column”
    Security + “guest author”
    Security + “guest article”
    Security + “guest blogger”

Web2.0 Sites

Web2.0 Sites still work very well and I have a gig seller who does an amazing job. Here is the link to my DB of Web2.0 sites if you would like to build these backlinks directly or hand them over to your VA. All of them are open for you to publish content on.

Gaming Fiverr

With the growing popularity of marketplaces such as Fiverr, PeoplePerHour,, SEOclerks – there is also a massive increase in junk link sellers from fake profiles. They do exist and there are many sellers who aggregate lists from others and basically mark them up and resell them. Most of these aggregated large lists will have total junk on them. You will be able to spot a junk list easily once you gain a bit of experience. I’ve also included a list of junk sites from junk sellers here with this course. 
Just be aware that there are shady sellers who want your money and they will sell cheap links ($5 a pop) from sites that are not worth any SEO value. I am pretty sure they have other contacts or other accounts on fiverr from which they place large number of orders and add fake ratings and reviews to get a bump and visibility in the algorithm. If Google can be gamed, Fiverr is childs play! Sadly, this is the state of the net – fake reviews are everywhere! (+fake news and +fake videos if that wasn’t enough).
While it is in fiverr’s best interest to try and stop this, they’re not effective in doing so and after all it is a heavy cash earner for them. Sellers make money and so does Fiverr. The losers are the innocent link buyers who have not read this blog post or seen this course 🙂
Eventually every popular marketplace or platform will get spam. Fiverr is just not addressing it because they don’t have a method in place to check the quality of the Gigs in an open backlink marketplace. 

Private Guest Post Marketplaces

If you don’t have the time and resources to invest in looking for quality sellers of good guest post backlinks – then you might want to take a look at some of the private and specialized Guest Posting marketplaces that have cropped up recently. 
You will get good quality guest posts here as the sites here have been pre-screened by the private marketplace owners. However, you can expect to pay 2x or 3x the price for the same sites that you can find if you go directly to Fiverr or PPH and do the grunt work.
These sites are nothing by that. The site operators have aggregated a list of quality backlinks from guest post sites and marked the prices up 2x or 3x even and are simply reselling the guest post backlinks!

Some of these closed private guest post marketplaces are –

  • TheHoth
  • SEObutler
  • SERPchampion
  • Authority.Builders
You can also get access of some great sites that offer guest posts on . This is a free site with an amazing collection of guest post sites listed with metrics. However, you need to contact each site owner through email or site links included and negotiate your placement of article. These are not sites that you pay and get your post included on payment.
That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this SEO method that I am personally using to rank in the toughest of niches. I will add my private list of vendors I use with their lists, so make sure to opt-in if you would like access.