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Guest Post Super System

Rapid-Fire # Top Rankings On A Tight Budget

In this course you will learn how to find hidden guest post sites that are high value for money and that are guaranteed to give you the link juice and SEO power that you seek.

Have you tried working with gig sellers on Fiverr or any other online marketplace and gotten burnt multiple times?

These open marketplaces are a breeding ground filled with shady vendors that are selling worthless links.

If you want backlink reports and don’t care about your rankings, then they will do the job. Majority of these vendors don’t even know they are selling junk or what SEO is or how it works. They are just reseller or brokers for other people in the backlink ecosystem.

Little do they know they are selling and dealing in junk sites.

You see anyone can buy an expired domain or auction domain that has traffic and ranks for keywords like torrent searches or movie or free download searches… and then simply 301 redirect the entire site to a professional sounding domain with a fancy WordPress theme and site that looks top notch.

This is the scam 99% of the times on Fiverr….

Well disguised sites, with real traffic and rankings – that are actually junk and worthless, but very hard to detect by buyers of guest post gigs.

And, that is the problem.

If you care about your rankings and want your sites to dominate its niche, even in the most competitive of spaces – then this course is for you.

I will show you exactly how I go about finding hidden gems in these marketplaces, that are so difficult to identify.

  • I will show you how you can quickly identify the sites that are scams and actually worthless for SEO link juice.
  • You learn how to do this with my inner workings that I have been doing for many years.
  • You also get access to my private list of premium vendors and guest post site lists that you can start using immediately for your SEO.

Start pushing all that great link juice that’s out there waiting for you and start crushing it in Google!

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