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Hi, I’m Vishal and have been doing Digital Marketing for over 20 years now. I have dabbled with multiple core technology projects since 1996 after graduating with a major in Mathematics and Computer Science from Lawrence University in Wisconsin.

I am an active reader and participant on some of the top digital marketing mastermind groups online, and am on the pulse of this fast moving and innovative industry. I keep up to date with latest tools and developments and we use many of these internally in our Agency for our Client projects.

I also love teaching this stuff (for free and as a hobby) – as my way to give back to the marketing community. You can find my blog at InspireMe Labs and my Digital Marketing Courses on Udemy here.


Founder & Director of Digital Strategy

A Small and Passionate Team of Digital Marketers

We’re a small team of 7 digital marketers and IT consultants – driven by the common passion of helping our clients achieve the results they seek.

At the very core, the digital marketing we do for our clients – is driven by applying methods and systems that are proven to work in the specific industry or niche.

All our Digital Marketing strategies and tactics are creative at their very core – but are also highly analytical and data-driven. We look at hard data through several advanced tools to figure out the most efficient methods for each project and apply creative solutions within the framework of each project.

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